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Former Express society editor turns home economics entrepreneur

River Walk designer Robert H.H. Hugman created this luxury home for Martha <a href= Jean Heath, then women's editor of the San Antonio Express and a popular homemaking maven, in the mid-1930s. The rock house was located off Interstate 10 West near Heuermann Road. She gave it up in the mid 1940s. It has since been demolished and a car dealership stands in its place. Photo: Courtesy / Marlene Richardson /' align='left' /> A feature on making an “outdoor picnic Mexican dinner” required minimal preparation: Boil a large pot of water over a campfire and drop in a can each of chili and tamales. Her weekly menus were aspirational, especially for Depression-era households. At every meal, several courses were served, including soup, salad and a homemade dessert; steak, roast beef and salmon were frequent entrees. Heath, determinedly positive, never alluded to the wolf at the door but recommended organ meats (no bones, good value) and using up tiny slivers of laundry soap by wrapping them in a piece of cloth (fun for children’s bath time). Meanwhile, her cooking schools offered attendance prizes — $10 in gold, a roast young pig or the food demonstrated onstage. During most of her time at the Express, Heath lived with her teenage children in rented apartments, first at 512 W. Magnolia Ave. and later at 410 E. Martin St., while her estranged husband, Thomas Bob Heath, continued farming in Medina, Raymondville and Mercedes.

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embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv, spoke on Wednesday to Paraguayan President Mario Abdo, who was elected on Aug. 15. Pence “strongly encouraged” Abdo to follow through with Paraguay’s commitment to move the embassy to Jerusalem “as a sign of the historic relationship the country has maintained with both Israel and the United States,” Pence’s office said in a statement. Former Paraguay President Horacio Cartes opened the new embassy in Jerusalem on May 21, just days after the United States and Guatemala did. Hours after Paraguay announced its change on Wednesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded by ordering the closure of Israel’s embassy in Paraguay. The statement from Pence’s office did not say how Abdo responded to the vice president’s request. It said only that Abdo “underscored Paraguay’s lasting partnership with Israel and the leaders agreed to work towards achieving a comprehensive and lasting solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.” Abdo on Wednesday defended his decision as part of an effort to support “broad, lasting and just peace” among Israelis and Palestinians. Trump reversed decades of U.S. Middle East policy.

The German city of Chemnitz has been the epicentre of fierce clashes for the past week where anti-migrant protests and counter-protests continue to escalate. Thousands have marched through the streets following the arrest of an Iraqi and a Syrian man over the fatal stabbing of  Daniel Hillig , a 35-year-old German-Cuban. This attack has sparked an outbreak of violence and demonstrations largely directed at Angela Merkel's handling of the 2015 migrant crisis . More than 1,200 police officers have been drafted in to secure the city, after nine people were injured in clashes yesterday. German protesters arrested as pro and anti-Merkel groups clash Chemnitz mayor Barbara Ludwig has spoken up against the far-right demonstrations and urged Germany to defeat the anti-migrant sentiment. She told Sky News on Sunday: "The situation is volatile. There is also a state of emergency in the town. "I’m convinced that it’ll mobilise forces as we see today that very clearly show that we won’t allow for the right and right-wing thinking to undermine the state." According to police in Chemnitz, around 9,500 people took part in a series of demonstrations on Friday. Chemnitz mayor Barbara Ludwig has spoken up against the far-right demonstrations (Image: GETTY; SKY) The situation is volatile. There is also a state of emergency in the town A large-scale 'silent march' took place yesterday in protest against Chancellor Merkel's policies.  The far-right protesters held large portraits of victims of attacks which they allege were done by asylum seekers. In response, around 3,500 marched in support of Mrs Merkel's policy, holding banners reading "Chemnitz is neither grey nor brown".

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